Ramadan Images With Quotes 2018, Ramadan Greetings 2018 With Picture: Before going to start this article first you have to understand what is Ramdan? Ramdan is the 9th Month according to the Islamic Calendar. In this month, Muslims make up fasting for 29-30 days. So, let’s start how you can celebrate Ramadan 2018 by best Ramadan Wishes 2018.

Now, Visitors if you are now looking forward for Ramdan Wishes 2018, Ramadan Greetings 2018 and Ramadan Quotes 2018 then you have reached at right page. Through this web page you will get all the creative ideas about to wish the Ramadan 2018 by many different ways.  The Ramadan Wishes refers how you give best wishes to your relatives, friends and other known person.

We will provided here some idea about wishes, greetings etc. This post will define the best way how you can convey your messages to your friends in order to wish them Ramadan. Below we have provided some examples of Ramadan Wishes, Quotes, and Greetings 2018.

Ramadan Images With Quotes and Greetings 2018

 “On the month of Ramadan, I am wishing you four weeks of blessings, 30 days of clemency, and 720 hours of enlightenment. Happy Ramadan!”

 “May this Ramadan be as bright as ever?”

Ramadan Greetings 2018

This is the way when we wish Ramadan to soo many peoples in order to bring peace and prosperity in the life. Ramadan Greetings shows the best wishing and happiest message which you want to deliver to your loving. Ramadan Greetings is also a way to give Mubarak by some specific Greeting such as –

  1. “May Allah’s immaculate grace and exceptional wisdom conquer your life as you celebrate this holy month of Ramadan? Have a blessed and peaceful Ramadan!”
  2. “This precious celebration will lead us
    To the path of a perfect social harmony among all Muslims.
    Happy Ramadan 2018!”

Ramadan Quotes 2018

Through quotes we can also bless to our love and relatives. It can be your friend also. You can read and download the best Ramadan Wishes, Quotes, and Greetings 2018 from this page.

May Allah bless:

Your days with happiness;

Your weeks with prosperity;

Your months with contentment;

And your years with love and peace!”

Ramadan 2018 Wishes | Messages | Quotes | Ramadan Greetings: The Ramadan is one of the biggest festivals which the Muslims will celebrate every year. As per the Ramadan 2018 Calendar it will began on 16th May 2018 and end on Thursday, 14th June 2018 and in 15th June 2018 they will celebrate the Eid ul Fitr. As per the Islamic Calendar 2018 the length of the Ramadan 2018 Month will be varying between 29 to 30 days depending on the sighting of Shawwal Moon which leads to the festival of Eidul Fitr on 1st Shawwal. The fasting in this year’s Ramadan will exceeds to almost 13 hours a day predicted by the astronomers.

Ramadan 2018

History and Obligations of Ramadan 2018

The Ramadan 2018 which will be observed by Muslims by Muslims is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. The word Ramadan coming from the Arabic Word “Ramida” which means “Scorching Heart”. Fasting is done by the people in the Ramadan. Many children Endeavour to complete as many fasts as possible as practice for later life.

Ramadan 2018 Practices and Blessings

The Ramadan, 9th Month of the Islamic Calendar is considered as one of the most blessed month in Islam. As per the Ramadan 2018 Timetable the Muslims fasts and doing maximum Dhikrs to Allah. At the end of the Ramadan 2018 Month the Muslims will celebrate the EID 2018 and celebrate with joy and prosperity. At the time of the Ramadan Month the Muslims have to get rid of Drinking, smoking and also required to curb all negative emotions like anger and prove them to be the perfect Muslim. Moreover, the Quran was also completed in this month.


Each day before the sun rise the Muslims will take pre-fast meal called suhur. This meal is to taken very seriously as on the basis of this meal the Muslims have to survive till the sunset.


In the Ramadan 2018 Month in the sunset the Muslims will gathers for the Iftar Meal Just after listening to Maghrib Athan. This iftar meal is being taken t broke the long day fast.

Recite Quran Kareem

In this holy month the Muslims are encourages to Recite-Al-Quran. It is Mustahab (An action which is rewarded, but whose omission is not punishable) for the Muslim to read whole Qur’an during Ramadan 2018 and to strive to complete it, but that is not obligatory.


It is one of the pillars of Islam in which giving charity to the needy ones is being preferred. It is the best to purify your health in the name of the Allah.


The main meaning of the Iftikar is to dedicate yourself and your time for the worship of the Allah in the Ramadan 2018. It is Sunnat-al-Muaqidah to sit in Itikaf in the last 10 days of Ramadan.

Ramadan 15th May 2018 to 14th June 2018: How to Exercise, Eat And Sleep Well While Fasting : As you all know that Ramadan is going to be started from 16th May 2018. Yes, peoples finally the Islamic month comes and Ramadan will be started from this week. Ramdan start date will be disclosed tomorrow on Tuesday. If the Crescent moon will appear tomorrow then the Ramadan will begin on its next day.

As per the movement of the Moon, Ramadan shifts it’s accordingly. Hence we can say that peoples will be fasting for 18 hours in 1 day in UK. Around the world, all Muslims will do fast for 30 days in between they eat food and drink water before sunrise and sunset.

Therefore through this article we are going to share some basic techniques of Ramadan: How to Exercise, Eat and Sleep Well While Fasting in order to stay healthy and fit for 30 days continuously. Here we are going to inform you about what type of activities you need to do during these Ramadan days without losing your strain.

What is Ramadan?

In simple language, Ramdan is the 9th month as per the Islamic Calendar during which strict fasting is followed by the Muslims. Worldwide, Ramadan is observed by the Muslims. This is a fasting month. During Ramadan, the working hours of employees are reduced by 2 hours and school day is reduced to 5 hours.

Imagine how they will be surviving without food and water for 30 days. Here we will tell you some major facts of their healthy lifestyle which are as follows –

1.       Most importantly, before going to deep study, you need to do light exercise when you are fasting. Also include enough sleeping during fasting days.

2.       You need to wake up in early morning to get understand the process of fasting. So, this will be your first step.

Going to Gym and keep active or playing sports while fasting will have great impact on Ramadan:

How to Exercise, Eat and Sleep Well While Fasting.

Despite of Ramadan, few Muslims decides to donate their money in Charity and they make fast later in the year. This is allowing in Islam.