Khuddam Ul Hujjaj 2020 Application Form, KuH Hajj 2020 India

Khuddam Ul Hujjaj 2020 Application Form, KuH Hajj 2020 India A Huge number of pilgrims take part in Haj. Now in the year 2018, many peoples are going for Hajj Pilgrim 2018. The NAHCON describes that the Hajj is not the reward like al-jannat but also it is also tradition. Latest Update On October 30, 2020.

Khuddam Ul Hujjaj 2020 Application Form, KuH Hajj 2020 India: Khadim-ul-Hujjaj play significant role in the aid of Haj Pilgrims. Khadim-ul- Hujjaj supports and take care of Haj Pilgrims throughout the pilgrimage. According to the norms of Haj Committee of India, KuH are selected and deputed from all the states. KuH is selected in such a ratio that for every 200 pilgrims there is 1 KuH. KuH travels in each flight and support all the pilgrims at various stages of pilgrimage.

خادم الحجج حج حاجیوں کی مدد میں اہم کردار ادا کرتے ہیں. خدیجہ الحجج حجاج بھر میں حج پادریوں کی حمایت کرتا ہے اور ان کی دیکھ بھال کرتی ہے. بھارت کی حج کمیٹی کے معیارات کے مطابق، کوہاہ تمام ریاستوں سے منتخب کیا گیا ہے. کوہا ایچ اس طرح کے تناسب میں منتخب کیا جاتا ہے کہ ہر 200 حاجیوں کے لئے 1 کلو گرام ہے. کیو ایچ ہر پرواز میں سفر کرتی ہے اور حج کے مختلف مراحل پر تمام حجاجوں کی مدد کرتا ہے.

There is 2% quota of female KuH also. From the beginning of this year, female candidates will be able to apply for KuH. In order to serve the haj pilgrims in effective and productive manner, it is essential to utilize the complete quota of KuH.

Khuddam ul Hujjaj 2020 Application Form

The 50% of expenditure of KuH shall be borne by HCoI and rest 50% borne by state Haj Committees.Those candidates who are interested to serve as KuH can get the application form from certified website

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Application form for Khuddam ul Hujjaj 2020 | Eligibility Criteria

  • Male and Female candidates of age 25 to 58 years as on 1st July 2020 are eligible.
  • Candidates who have already performed either Haj or Umrah will be eligible. The candidates must have good knowledge of Haj related activities.
  • First preference will be given to the candidates who have good knowledge of Arabic language.
  • Employees having field experience in departments such as Police, Home Guards, Forest, Revenue will be given preference.

Application form for Khuddam ul Hujjaj 2020 | Terms and Conditions

Selected KuH will have to attend a training program conducted by Haj committee of India and this will be compulsory. If the selected KuH fails to attend the training program then his selection will also get cancelled.

Employer must submit the no objection certificate (NOC).

Only 15% of total numbers of KuH are going to be nominated from the employees of respective SHC and state Wakf board.

KuH cannot be accompanied by any family member on Haj pilgrimage.

No KuH must have any connection with any Saudi Tawafa Establishment.

KuH cannot accept any financial or other consideration from any pilgrim because they are expected to grant free social service.

Application form for Khuddam ul Hujjaj 2020 | Important dates

Start date to fill and submit application online:  10TH OCTOBER 2019

Last date to fill and submit application online: 10TH NOVEMBR 2019

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