Nigeria Hajj Application Form 2020 Qurrah Pilgrims, Nigeria Haj Flight Schedule: The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) has been invites the application form for the local peoples of Nigeria. The NAHCON Hajj Application Form 2020 will be filled online after log on the official site. The Official site of NAHCON is The Haj Pilgrimage is the good traditions which are performed to all over the world every year.

A Huge number of pilgrims take part in Haj. Now in the year 2020, many people are going for Hajj Pilgrim 2020. The NAHCON describes that the Hajj is not the reward like al-jannat but also it is also tradition. In the Nigerian language Donning the Pilgrims is called Garb (Ihram), Circuit of Arrival is called Tawaf al Qudum.

The Hajj Pilgrimage is provided by the various tour operators, Air Operators, and many Pilgrimage Agencies. The Hajj Air Careers 2020 are MAX AIR, MEDVIEW AIRLINE, FLYNAS etc. There are various Tour Operators companies listed under the NAHCON Act 2006. All the list of NAHCON Hajj Tour Operator 2020 is available on the official website.

Nigeria Hajj Application Form 2020 Qurrah Pilgrims

The NAHCON also provide the list of UMRAH under the UMRAH. There are various Accommodation provider companies also listed under the NAHCON like MADINAH Accommodation Provider, MAKKAH Accommodation Provider etc.

NAHCON Hajj Quota and Qurrah

The NAHCON has been mentioned the quota and Qurrah for all pilgrims of Hajj. The Hajj Quota is provided by the NAHCON region wise and category wise. You can get more info from the NAHCON Officails.

How to Fill the Nigeria Hajj Application Form 2020

Step 1: In the very first step log on to the website of NAHCON :

Step 2: Look for Hajj 2020 Pilgrimage and Click on Apply Online

Step 3: Do the Payment of Fee and Click on Submit

Karnataka Haj Qurrah 2020 Pilgrims, Bengaluru Hajj Qurrah Result Quota 2020: The Karnataka Haj Qurrah 2020 shall be commencing in the evening of January 20, 2020. The Karnataka State Haj Committee told that the Haj Qurrah or draw of Lots Online announced will be today at 6 P.M. The Haj Qurrah will be held at Banquet Hall, Vidhana Soudha, Bengaluru on 20th Jan. On today the Karnataka Haj Committee will finalize the list of pilgrims for the year 2020. A Huge number of peoples applied for Haj  Yatra in the Karnataka State and now all the applicants are waiting for the Haj Qurrah 2020.

कर्नाटक हज कुरहारा 2020 जनवरी 20, 2020 की शाम शुरू हो जाएगा। कर्नाटक राज्य हज कमेटी ने बताया कि हज कुराह या लॉट ऑनलाइन की घोषणा से आज 6 पी.एम. हज कुराहम 20 जनवरी को बैंक्वेट हॉल, विद्या सौधा, बेंगलुरु में आयोजित किया जाएगा। आज कर्नाटक हज कमेटी वर्ष 2020 के लिए तीर्थयात्रियों की सूची को अंतिम रूप देगी। कर्नाटक राज्य में एक विशाल संख्या में हज यात्रा के लिए आवेदन किया गया था और अब सभी आवेदक हज कुराह 2020 के लिए इंतजार कर रहे हैं।

The Karnataka State Haj Committee has the total 6624 seats for Haj Yatra for the year 2020. According to the official information provided to us, The Karnataka State Haj Committee has received the total 18,477 applications. Now all the applicants can wait till the evening today. The Haj Committee of India has allotted the total seats to the Karnataka State as per population.

Karnataka Haj Qurrah 2020 Pilgrims

The Saudi Arabia has been allotted total 175,025 seats to the India. All the allotted seats are on the basis of Population of Muslims in India. So the Haj Committee of India populated all the seats to all State of India as per population. The population of Muslims in Karnataka State is 78,93,065 (According to Data provided by Haj Committee of India) which is 4.58 % of total Population of India.

So After Few Hours Karnataka State Haj Committee will go for Draw of Lots or Qurrah. The list of selected Pilgrims will be announced. You can check the selected list of Pilgrims after log on to the website.

How to Check Karnataka Qurrah:

Step 1: In the very first step log on to the website of

Step 2: Look for Karnataka Haj Qurrah 2020 and Enter your details.

Step 3 : Enter your passport number and other details and check result.

UP Haj Qurrah Result 2020 Pilgrims List, By Passport & Cover Number : The Uttar Pradesh State Haj Committee will announce the UP Haj Qurrah on 22nd Jan 2020 in the evening. The Final List of Haj Pilgrims 2020 from the Uttar Pradesh will announce today. The finally selected peoples in the Draw of lots or Qurrah will go for Haj Yatra this year. Earlier it was supposed that the Haj Qurrah will be announced on 20 Jan Saturday Evening but it was delayed for two days due to some reasons but finally it will announce today as per statement of Uttar Pradesh State Haj Committee.

UP Haj Qurrah Result 2020 Pilgrims List, By Passport & Cover Number

According to the officials on the basis of Muslims in the country India, Saudi Arabia allotted a Quota of 175,025 Pilgrims for the year 2020. The Total Quota has been allotted to the states of India as per population of Muslims by the Haj Committee of India. The Uttar Pardesh State Haj Committee official said that the Committee has received 42,914 no. of applications for Haj Yatra 2020.

The UP Haj Committee will select only the 29,851 pilgrims on the basis of Draw of lots which is also called Qurrah. The Qurrah or Draw of lots will commence from today’s evening. So stay updated to the officials website of Haj Committee of India.

All the list of selected candidates will be available on the official website of Haj Committee of India after Draw of lots. The Name and List of selected candidates will be on the website which is

How to Check Uttar Pradesh Haj Qurrah Result 2020 Pilgrims

Step 1: In the very first step log on to the official website of Haj Committee of India

Step 2: Enter your Cover no or Passport no. and Submit

Step 3: Your application status will be on the computer screen

Uttarakhand Haj Qurrah Result 2020 Pilgrims List, Haj Draw of Lots : The Uttarakhand Haj Qurrah 2020 will be announcing on 23rd Jan 2020 i.e. Tuesday Evening. The peoples who applied for Haj Pilgrimage 2020 will be selected on the basis of Haj Qurrah or Draw of Lots. The list of selected peoples will be display on Projector screen the Programme of Qurrah for Uttarakhand State. The Kaliyar Haj House Chairman Rao Sher Mohhammd in the press conference said that “The selected peoples list of Uttarakhand State for Haj Yatra 2020 will be announce on 23rd Jan in the Piran Kaliyar Haj House”. The Haj Committee of India Mumbai will announce the “Draw of Lots” or Haj Qurrah.

The Rao Sher Mohhammad further said that “applicants of Haj Pilgrimage 2020 and Ulema Ikram will participate in Uttarakhand Haj Qurrah”. The Haj Committee of India has allotted the 1220 Quota for Uttarakhand State. According to the officials, 4100 applicants applied for Haj Yatra 2020 from the Uttarakhand State. There are 269 applicants from the age of above 70 years and 4 ladies are without Meharam. Now the Haj Committee of India will select the peoples from the 3857 applicants.

Uttarakhand Haj Qurrah Result 2020 Pilgrims List, Haj Draw of Lots

The Central Govt. of India has been allowed to go for Haj Yatra without Maharam. The condition is that there should be minimum 4 ladies of above 45 Age. All the decision was taken in the presence of Executive Officer of Haj Committee of India Mohhamamd Misam Shahid, Kadir and Adil. So stay awaited till the evening today and stay updated to the official website of Haj Committee of India which is

How to Check Uttarakhand Haj Qurrah

Step 1: In the very first step log on to the official website of Haj Committee of India :

Step 2: Look for Uttrakhand Haj Qurrah Link and Click on it

Step 3: Enter Details and Check

Jammu Kashmir Haj Qurrah Result 2020 Pilgrims List, Srinagar Haj Qurrah Result : on 08 January 2019 finally candidates get their name in the list for Pilgrims which will start in August. Total 32332 applicants are received by the Jammu and kashmir Hajj committee. Now the list of all pilgrims is available on the official website. In PDF format the committee of haj has been updated. Jammu And Kashmir haj Qurrah application form were received in December 2018. Now all candidates are eagerly waiting for Pilgrims list and result.

Pilgrimage to the House is a duty towards God upon humankind, for those who can find a way there.

Only 9773 candidates out of 32332 applications are selected for August Haj Pilgrims. The Jammu Kashmir Haj Qurrah Result 2019 Pilgrims List finally uploaded officially  on official website which are : and

“Our Lord! I have settled some of my offspring in an uncultivable valley near unto Your Holy House, our Lord! that they may establish proper worship; so fill the hearts of some among men with love toward them, and provide them with fruits in order that they may be thankful.”

Jammu Kashmir Haj Qurrah Result 2020 Pilgrims List, Srinagar Haj Qurrah Result

Here we are going to tell you how to check your name in the list. To check your name you must have your cover number or passport number

Now the process is given below :

Visit the any website which are JK Haj committee and India Haj committee : and

And click on Hajj 2019 then you will see the list in which cover number wise and passport number wise list is updated.

Or on you can check instant result by entering your cover number or passport number and select your state

Your name will be available online.

The day of Arafah is an eid and Friday is an Eid. so if the two Eids come together, that is a good thing. 

UP Haj Qurrah Result 2020 Pilgrims List, Lucknow Qurrah Result : TODAY UP committee is going to announce Qurrah Result. Hello all applicants now all are excited to check your UP Haj Qurrah Result 2020 Pilgrims List. So are you ready to see your name in the list . We are also excited to give this news regarding Uttar pradesh Hajj Qurrah. Today thousands of people are waiting to check list of Pilgrims. They are preparing for Haj Yatra 2020 which will begin in August 2020 and will be over in September 2020.

First flight will depart from the international airport Lucknow in August 2020. Now the time to check the name in UP Haj Qurrah Result 2020 Pilgrims List. Here we have given complete details of UP Haj Qurrah Pilgrims List. You need ot have your cover number or passport number to check your result online. UP Haj Qurrah Result 2020 Pilgrims List is available online on the official website.

You Are a Wonderful Person and I Would Like to Wish You a Very Haj Mubarak.

Those muslims candidates were submitted online/offline application for Hajj Yatra successfully they can check result online.Around 42914 applications were received and quota for UP state is 29851 so these lucky people will get the chance to go for Haj pilgrims in August 2020.

Congratulation on Your Hajj May the Joy of this Holy Event Change Your Spirit With Grace And Excitement for the Rest of Your Life.

UP Haj Qurrah Result 2020 Pilgrims List

Date of announcement result is: 11th January 2020

Now the process for UP Haj Qurrah Result 2020 Pilgrims List checking is given below :

Step 1 : Visit the official website of UP hajj committee or India Hajj committee : or

On there will be uploaded district wise list of pilgrims where you can check your passport number and name in the PDF format given list

Manually you can check your cover number/ passport number and name in the list

But on you just need to enter your passport number or cover number and select your state and find your name.

If you are selected your name will be displayed in the list. Good luck and happy haj

The blessings of Hajj The Prophet (PBUH) said: ‘Whoever performs Hajj for the sake of pleasing Allah and therein utters no word of evil, nor commits any evil deed, shall return from it as free from sin as the day on which his mother gave birth to him’”

UP Haj Qurrah 2020 Result Pilgrims, UP Hajj pilgrims Result 2020:- The population of Muslim in Uttar Pradesh is 38483967 has been allotted a quota of 30237 pilgrims. The Uttar Pradesh State Haj Committee is going to release the Uttar Pradesh Haj Qurrah 2020 Result on official website. The result will be available today on 11th January 2020. There a lots of candidates draw in finalist who will marks to perform the Haj 2020 in this year 2020. The result will be displayed o official website soon for all who applied Haj 2020 Application Form.

The board is set to declare the Uttar Pradesh Haj Qurrah Result on official website today. The State Minority, Waqf and Haj Minister, UP State Haj Committee has approval to release the list of applicant who selected for Haj 2020.

UP Haj Qurrah 2020 Result pilgrims

In Uttar Pradesh State the Application form is received by the board are 34397. In the applicant many of applier is in the 70+ category in the state. The number of applicant who is in these criteria is 2456. Other hand 99 female candidates fall under the Without Mahakam category. All the candidates would be selected directly without Qurrah. The Haj Qurrah process will start according State Wise.

The Haj Committee will release the Haj 2020 Waiting list after 5th February 2020. Now you should check their name in Uttar Pradesh Haj Qurrah 2020 Result if found. You can use the following steps to check result on official website.

  • First of all applicant need to visit the official website.
  • Now search for the link and click on it.
  • Enter all application id and password.
  • Then click on submit button.
  • Result will appear on screen

Haj Qurrah 2020 Telangana, Telangana Haj Qurrah 2020 Result :- Now this year the Haj Committee has notified that they have been received total 2.67 Lakhs application form for Haj from 31 states in India. After the Haj Application Form process completed the board is expected to be soon begin the Qurrah 2020 for Maharashtra Pilgrims on today. Any applicant who applied for Haj 2020 and want to check more details can stay connect with us and check all latest updates from here.

The Chairmen of Telangana Haj Committee Mohmmed Masiullah Khan announced that the Haj Committee of India had allocated a total Haj Quota of 4169 for the State of Telangana. They also said that total 484 application form received which was under the reserved category.

Applicants who have the age of 70 years or above then will automatic selected to this category. There no any requirement of lots for selection. The lots are also known as Qurrah which will be organized soon for remaining 3685 seats out of 12884 applications. The Haj Committee received a total 13368 application for this year.

Haj Qurrah 2020 Telangana, Telangana Haj Qurrah 2020 Result

In Maharashtra State the lots processes has been completed by the Maharashtra State Haj Committee on Monday. This Qurrah is organized to prepare the final list of pilgrims from the state who is selected form Haj 2020. If you want to check your name in final list then you have to visit official website. The Maharashtra Haj Committee had received total 35658 application from the across State. The pilgrim’s quota is 11907 based on Muslim population in the state.

The Haj 2020 is expected to be started from 9th August and will be end on 14th August. These dates are tentatively and may be changed according to the board schedule. On Friday the Haj Committee of India is released a list of state wise allocation of seat for Haj 2020. The distribution of seat is 175025 seats to pilgrims who are going to Haj through the committee. Remaining 50000 seats has been allocated to the Private Travel Agency to go Haj 2020.

Rajasthan Haj Qurrah Result 2020 Pilgrims List, Rajasthan Haj Qurrah 2020: Rajasthan Haj Qurrah Result 2020 is announced on 15th January 2020 at 10 AM. Rajasthan has been allocated quota of 5,254 pilgrims. Applications received by the Rajasthan Haj Committee -10,750.

Hello all applicants of Haj 2020. Are you applied for Haj Yatra 2020 ??? Are you looking for Haj Qurrah Result and pilgrims list 2020. On 21st January 2020 at 2 PM Rajasthan Haj committee has announced the list of lucky pilgrims online.

हजयात्रा पर जाने वाले यात्रियों के लिए रविवार को शासन सचिवालय में हज-2020 का कुर्रा (लॉटरी) निकाला जाएगा। राजस्थान स्टेट हज कमेटी के चेयरमैन अमीन पठान ने बताया कि रविवार को दोपहर 2 बजे शासन सचिवालय के कॉन्फ्रेंस हॉल में दोपहर 2 बजे कुर्रा खोला जाएगा।

The Holy pilgrimage to Makkah, Hajj. A journey of a lifetime.

As you know the application date for Haj 2020 was 22nd December 2020 and Huge numbers of applications are received by the committee. Since the application form submitted candidates were eagerly waiting for their qurrah result.

“God was inviting me to go on Hajj, but before that, I needed to settle my debts. Muslims may only embark on their pilgrimage if they are debt-free or at least have made an arrangement for repayment.”

Rajasthan Haj Qurrah Result 2020 Pilgrims List, Rajasthan Haj Qurrah 2020

Qurrah Result date : 13th November 2020

Time : 2 PM

इस दौरान सभी सोसायटियों के अध्यक्ष, सदस्य, जनप्रतिनिधि, अधिकारी एवं हज से जुड़ी सभी तंजीमें और आम जनता शामिल होगी। राजस्थान स्टेट हज कमेटी के चेयरमैन अमीन पठान बताया कि इस बार राजस्थान को अतिरिक्त सीटें मिली हैं, जिससे राजस्थान का कुल कोटा अब 5201 हो गया है। इनमें से 70+ और बिना महरम 12 रिजर्व सीटें हैं। बाकी की 4461 पर जिले वार लॉटरी खोली जाएगी।

Here the process is update how to check your name in Rajasthan Haj Qurrah Result 2020 Pilgrims List.

1st you need to go to the official website of Haj :


And then find the option to check qurrah result

There will be two options : Cover number and Passport number

You can selection any option and then choose your district / state

And enter your cover number or passport number and check your result

Uttar Pradesh Haj Qurrah 2020 Pilgrims, District Wise UP Haj Qurrah Draw Result 2020: Hajj committee has announced notification for Hajj qurrah pilgrims. After receiving application form UP hajj committee is going to display the list of Haj 2020 pilgrims. On 11th January 2020 Haj Qurrah or draw of lots to finalize the pilgrims list. Those candidates will be shortlisted in this list they will embark the Haj Journey. Uttar Pradesh State Haj Committee has received approx 42,914 applications. Out of these total applications 29,851 pilgrims will be shortlisted through the Qurrah or draw of lots. This qurrah will be held at UP State Haj Committee headquarter in Lucknow.

By Saudi Arabia a quota of 175,025 pilgrims allotted for Indian Muslims on the basis of population of muslims. After that state wise quota is decided by the Indian haj committee on the basis of Number of muslims candidates living in the state.

Updates Latest News:- उत्तर प्रदेश को 30,237 तीर्थयात्रियों को टिकट दी जाएगी उत्तर प्रदेश राज्य हज समिति द्वारा प्राप्त आवेदनों की संख्या 34,397 थी। यूपी राज्य हज समिति ने अनंतिम रूप से चयनित हज यात्रियों को अंतिम रूप देने के लिए ड्रॉ आयोजित किया गया है। हज 2020 के लिए पहली फ्लाइट भारत से 01 जुलाई, 2020 को रवाना होगी। अंतिम फ्लाइट की उड़ान 03 अगस्त, 2020 को होगी। सऊदी अरब से भारत के लिए पहली फ्लाइट हज उड़ान 14 अगस्त 2020 को होगी।

For uttar Pradesh 29,851 pilgrims quota is allotted according to Muslims population across the state. Total  3,84,83,967 will go for Hajj Pilgrims which is 22.34% of total population. After online and offline receiving application for Haj 2020 Yatra, the committee has computerrised the total qurrah or draw of lots and now the result is ready to be announced officially.

Uttar Pradesh Haj Qurrah 2020 Pilgrims

Final list of UP haj qurrah is ready which contains passport number and state name with cover number of 29,851 lucky pilgrims. Name of lucky pilgrims will be available on the official website of Uttar Pradesh State Haj Committee website as well on the official website of Haj committee, India.

Uttar Pradesh Haj pilgrims can check their name in the Qurrah List by following the given steps below :

How to check Uttar Pradesh Haj Committee Qurrah Result / Pilgrims List

  • First of all you need to click on the official website :
  • Then search the option for SEARCH BY state / search by Cover for Haj 2020
  • Enter either your cover number or passport number in given box and select your state
  • And click on submit button and wait for the display the result
  • Your result will be displayed on the screen you can take print of your name or list.

उत्तर प्रदेश हज समिति की जांच कैसे करे, कुरहराम परिणाम / तीर्थयात्री सूची

  • सबसे पहले आपको आधिकारिक वेबसाइट पर क्लिक करने की आवश्यकता है:
  • फिर खोज के लिए खोज / हज 2020 के कवर द्वारा राज्य / खोज के लिए विकल्प खोजें
  • दिए गए बॉक्स में अपना कवर नंबर या पासपोर्ट नंबर दर्ज करें और अपना राज्य चुनें
  • और सबमिट बटन पर क्लिक करें और प्रदर्शन के लिए प्रतीक्षा करें
  • आपका परिणाम स्क्रीन पर प्रदर्शित होगा जो आप अपने नाम या सूची का प्रिंट ले सकते हैं।

Most of STATES has announced Haj Qurrah such as Jammu and Kashmir, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana now remaining states such as

Kerala, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Karnataka Haj Committee and other states said they will complete the Haj Qurrah 2018 before January 25, 2020. The first Haj Charter flight will depart on 7th July 2020 and first inbound flight from Saudi Arabia to India will be on 24th August 2020 according to Haj Committee.

हज समिति ने हज कौरह तीर्थयात्रियों के लिए अधिसूचना की घोषणा की है। आवेदन प्राप्त करने के बाद यूपी हज समिति हज के 2020 तीर्थयात्रियों की सूची प्रदर्शित करने जा रही है। 20 जनवरी 2020 को हज कुर्राह या तीर्थयात्रियों की सूची को अंतिम रूप देने के लिए बहुत से ड्रा। उन उम्मीदवारों को इस सूची में नामित किया जाएगा, वे हज यात्रा को शुरू करेंगे।

Flight schedule will be announced by the committee after completing the Haj Qurrah 2020 pilgrims process. There is two options are given to check Haj qurrah result using Passport number and cover number.

The 2020 Haj Action Plan, and all dates and schedule have been decided keeping in mind the Youme Arafa 2020 – Arafat Day 2020 or the Haj Day 2020 on August 20, 2020 (tentative).

UP state District Qurrah Result 2020 CHECK here Qurrah Result
1AGRA Qurrah Result
40JHANSI wise Qurrah